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The label sewn in the back of your shirt says a lot. You can’t imitate heritage, you either have it or not. Heritage is an accolade that is nurtured and earned, as details are refined and lessons learned.

Brutus is a contemporary British menswear label with a famous and formidable heritage. Founded in The East End of London in 1966, the legendary family-owned business was raised from the swinging streets to become a household name.

From towering Teddy Boys creeping out of the Post War rubble, to visionary Mods and their famous attention to detail. British working class youth have always been at the forefront of progressive, subversive and lethally sharp style.


In the late 1970’s two distinctive working class subcultures came to the fore. Skinhead and its subtler offshoot Suedehead both adopted the Brutus Trimfit as a staple of their look.

The shirt’s three finger rolled button-down collar and trademark button and vent sleeve detail, made the shirt an icon of the wardrobe that continues to be worn by the most sussed and stylish of us all.

Buzz cut, button-down, blue denim jacket. Those that know won’t leave the house without it. Traditional gingham cloth and lively madras check, embroidered Brutus above your heart on the left side of your chest. Keep your crease sharp and shelter from the showers, maintain your cool at all times, when dancing in the early hours.