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Women's Trimfit Collection

Womens mod clothing by Brutus. Original mod clothing since 1966.

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Founded in


Mod Culture.
Iconic ‘3-Finger’ Rolled
Button-Down Collar
Short Sleeve
Double-Button V Cuff

Superior Womens Mod Clothing

Originally developed in 1966, Brutus mod clothing for women has always been superior in quality.

Iconic Brutus’
Womens Mod Clothing

Womens Mod Clothing: Then and Now

Originally founded in 1966, Brutus mod clothing for women has always been about superior fitted clothes for those that know. With no exterior branding, the secret is all in the famous details. Iconic mod clothing for women that to this day, is all about superior clothing.



The Trimfit
has been proudly
worn since
Brutus Ambassadors


Rachael and Josh are a young couple from Brighton who share a love for city life by the sea, Northern Soul dancing and sharp tailoring.


As Brutus ambassadors you will find them sporting their latest Trimfit, whilst whizzing down the sea front on Josh’s Vespa or breaking out on the dancefloor in the early hours.